How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?

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Published: 1 week ago
According to a new poll (taken before Trump's 'Fire and Fury' threat) 75% of Americans believe that North Korea's nuclear program is a 'critical threat' to the U.S. This made Jimmy wonder how many Americans even know where North Korea is so we went out to Hollywood Boulevard to find out.

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How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?

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Really ?? thats so dumb and sad at the same time

41 seconds ago

The guy asking these questions was great! He needs his own show too! 😂👍😎🍺🍻🍺

54 seconds ago

Don't worry we're going to blow it off this map soon enough!

57 seconds ago

Wow. At least she's super fuckin hot

16 minutes ago

That's why California liberals are failing this country. They pretend to know when they have no clue.

18 minutes ago

No wonder they have trump, lots of americans are just plain ignorant

23 minutes ago

Neil Degrasse Tyson was spot on when he said that the education system failed.

30 minutes ago

okay I'm starting to believe in the flour water theory ..........hahahah omg unbelievable....

31 minutes ago

This is embarrassing

33 minutes ago

And then Americans ask why we think they are stupid

34 minutes ago

"It's Australia. They've done nothing to us."

35 minutes ago

Usa invented so many great things like the computer, the internet, cars, airplanes, telephones. They had the first man on the moon and they will have the first man on the mars. The best movies come from hollywood, the best and most successful musicians are americans...
If you still think americans are stupid, youre probably just stupid yourself.

37 minutes ago

Women suck in geography regardless where they from, lol!!

38 minutes ago

IF they think that canada is northkorea then u guys have a big schooling problem ...

38 minutes ago

Wow that's embarrassing

39 minutes ago

Maybe in America going to school Monday thru Friday isn't enough, right? Gosh, they are stupid.

40 minutes ago

I'm 10 and I know the locations of most countries in the world.

47 minutes ago

Ah... Ol' great 'merica....

47 minutes ago

2 Best Scenes:

Points at Vietnam: Do you want to restart the Vietnam War?

Point at China: You just started the world war 3.

49 minutes ago

Stupid Americans do you have any schools down there ?

50 minutes ago

that's how trump got elected

52 minutes ago

Three people pointed to Canada... We're right across the border, wtf!

52 minutes ago

I have heard that America is lead by few elites , but those common people are very uneducated and stupid.

54 minutes ago

I can try to understand if you don't know where DPRK is on the map, but it really makes no sense if you don't know where Canada is😓

55 minutes ago

This makes me feel smart

59 minutes ago

From what I am led to believe if you asked them where is the US half of them would not know .

1 hour ago

Bruce Burns or they asked hundreds of people and cherry picked so it would be funny

55 minutes ago

Oh come on! I'm American and I can point out 99% of counties. This HAS to be scripted

1 hour ago

A bunch of damn idiot people who would destroy the north korea and they don't know even where it is. Thank you mark Zuckerberg and Steve jobs for making this generation full of idiot

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

its called ignorance. should have started with pointing usa... not sure if they knew that...

1 hour ago

Damn man hope it is scripted..

1 hour ago

these bitches retarded

1 hour ago

Can you imagine why other countries get scared by America? You talk about bombing a new country everywhere.
And a lot of Americans just think that those countries are all around Canada.

1 hour ago

The Captain lol if you did this to enough people in any country you could make this video. Every country has idiots

52 minutes ago

This is why the USA was founded as a republic, not a democracy: you are all idiots.

1 hour ago

come on Americans honestly?

1 hour ago

People in this country may not know where North Korea is, but they know about who Kim Kardashian is dating.

We are all distracted my brothers and sisters.

1 hour ago

а мне понравилась эта девушка) 1:56 такая милая ^_^

1 hour ago

Are americans REALLY this stupid???

1 hour ago

Why is whole Russia in asian Color????
And the caucassus too

1 hour ago

Что ЭТО делает в русском тренде???

1 hour ago

"That is Middle East we are already there"

1 hour ago

I see why trump won...

1 hour ago

Ask that in any country, most people will have no glue, it's not only Americans. Usually women have more problems with these kind of questions too.

1 hour ago

how they can live at America and they showed America? 😱👾

1 hour ago

just saying that girl was hot

1 hour ago

They all are stupid like nick crompton

1 hour ago

That was embarrassing to watch and I'm only 15 lmao

1 hour ago

For me most of the people here aren't that much better than the people in the video because they just judge about people and insult them although they don't even know who they are. Of course the people shown in the video aren't that clever but u have to think that they've interviewed 50 people and just some of them don't know where north korea is. And in some other things those people can laugh about u because u do something wrong/don't know.

1 hour ago

2:32 shoutout Ibrah

1 hour ago

"That's the middle east, we're already there"

Shots fired!

1 hour ago