The Soup. January 30 2009 with Craig Ferguson and John Henson.

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Published: 6 months ago
The Soup was a weekly American television series that aired on E! from July 1, 2004 until December 18, 2015.
The show was hosted by comedian Joel McHale, who provided sarcastic and satirical commentary on the various clips.

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one of the best shows on tv...hate that it was cancelled.

1 week ago

6:28 Matt Lauer blasts Meridith so rudely, just like Ann Curry he drove out the actual talent on the Today Show.

+Superdimson is my hero, i can't believe you didn't give the subtitle with John Henson, the OG

6 months ago

SuperDimson you are making my resting days after my accident very pleasant with these videos.... Thank you so muchhhhh keep'em coming!

3 weeks ago

I didn't fast forward through the last bunch of episodes to see what's on them.

6 months ago

Thanks SO much for uploading these!

6 months ago

Dead at the history month montage. lol

6 months ago

You uploaded more Soup on my birthday dude! This is literally the best gift I've gotten all day!!!!

6 months ago