Deep Learning Agent for RussianAICup 2016

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Published: 9 months ago
Competition is called Code WIzards. It is annual russian AI competition. Every year they present different game. For this year game was inspired by Dota 2.

Trained with Reinforcement Learning DDPG algorithm (https://arxiv.org/abs/1509.02971)

Small neural network INx192x128x128x128x128xOUT neurons works in pair with coded simple strategy. NN control movement. Simple strategy (turn to and attack weakest enemy) control attack.

Detailed description in russian at https://habrahabr.ru/post/319518/
Code available at https://github.com/parilo/russian-ai-cup-2016-agent

See rating and match history at http://russianaicup.ru/profile/Parilo2

My linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonpechenko
My github https://github.com/parilo
My habra articles (russain) https://habrahabr.ru/users/parilo/topics/

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Thx! Very interesting and cool!
But you forgot a link to description of this AI video... ))

9 months ago

Thx, fixed!

9 months ago